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My Mission and About me

Hi my name is Bill Graham.

In November of 2014, at age 53 with my wife of 18 years Lorilee, and our 12 year old pooch Phoebe, I made the life changing move from Ontario, Canada to San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye in Belize.

I worked for almost 30 years in Ontario’s fast paced construction industry, with the same company for the last 20 years I began as an Electrical Site Foreman and Project Coordinator and over that time worked my way up to the position of Senior Project Manager responsible for multi million dollar projects and to organize and supervise all trades and aspects of construction in the companies custom home building division.

Lorilee spent over 20 years in the food service industry as the manager of several stores. She spent the last 13 years with the same company, in the position of General Manager of six locations of a well known chain of fast food restaurants.

After 25 years, the combination of construction work and cold Canadian winters were beginning to take their toll on my joints, then in January of 2014, just as I wondered what I could do to get another 13 years out of my body and reach retirement age, Lorilee came home from the doctors office with the order to “quit her job or soon die working”. Her stressful job had caused what her doctor believed was her second minor stroke. It was obvious that we both needed a change of lifestyle and yet, we knew that changing our jobs was not a lasting answer as our personalities would have led us right back into the same situations in a very short time.

As I began to research on-line opportunities for me, and early retirement solutions for her, and after crunching the income numbers we would require it was evident that we could not retire early in Canada and sustain ourselves for very long. Then it happened, on the right side of my computer screen a small ad popped up that read, “Retire in Costa Rica on $800.00 per month.” That truly was the first time that I entertained the thought that maybe we could both retire early. Although Lorilee strongly objected at first, we began to research this idea together and a few months later came up with a two year plan to retire to Costa Rica. Well, so much for plans, we ended up all in and moved to Belize just six months later.

Since our move I have been studying our new home country, I have found my two new passions are closely related, they are social media and talking about the benefits of Belize on our lives.

Please enjoy the different pages, posts, and videos and always remember that this site is for you. Your participation is important to me to present what you need and to answer your questions. Please leave a comment or contact me via the social media links provided. I would love to chat, the most valuable input that I can receive to make this site a complete and valuable resource for you, is yours.


My Mission Statement

It is my mission based on my personal experiences, to help you realize the important questions that you need to ask before making a move to Belize. It is also my mission to provide you with the unbiased information that you need to make an informed decision based on your honest answers to yourself. Answers that will be derived from truthful information provided without the sugar coating that I so often see in the resort, real estate, and tourist industry driven information available on the internet today.

Once you decide to move forward, there will be more questions that need to be answered. I will continue my mission to support you with resources that I have found to be reputable. Resources that can further answer all of the legal, real estate, procedural, as well as honestly answer any other questions you might have with no agenda. In other words, I have done the time consuming leg work to seek out these people so that you don’t have to invest your time in this hit and miss procedure.

In short, we learn from the mistakes that have been made. However, the mistakes made don’t have to be yours, and if you can avoid the mistakes that others have made along the way, then you will enjoy and be excited about the process. You will also have received value that can have no dollar amount applied, and, My Mission is Complete.


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  6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Bill,

    Our family of 5 (mom, dad and 3 kids ages twins 9 and daughter 11) are planning on moving to Belize in 2017 from Oakville, Ontario. I have been doing some of my own research but would love to connect with you to ask some questions.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Gabriele Kubicki

    • Hi Gabriele;
      It is always my pleasure to help others with their research. Please feel free to make contact with me at billdoesbelize@gmail.com with any questions you might have. My preference is to video chat on Google or Facebook or in my private chat room. But as I am here to help, what ever works for you is good for me.

      Send me an email and we can set something up. I look forward to connecting when I can be of assistance.

      Regards Bill

  2. Bill, your scenario spells out like my wife and I. Only I was 62 when I retired, Cheryl is 55. We started a couple of years ago on planning my retirement. But I knew that I couldn’t let her keep working in the medical field that was so stressful to her. She would come home crying. She had a subscription to International Living magazine. Which is full of old data but we started to investigate that we could live comfortably on my pension and my social security. We also looked at moving to Costa Rica but we found a really good deal to come to Belize on a package. We got to visit a lot of different places on the main land as well as San Pedro. When we got back to Oklahoma, I asked her is there any reason to go to Costa Rica and there was a quick reply of NO. So here we are living in Placencia happy as two bugs in a rug. We drove all the way down thru Mexico and took our beating from boarder customs but we already knew that that was going to happen. But what really helped out the best was to get accepted to so many groups here in Belize. We learned so much from the expats that have been living here and it was a wealth of information. I really like your website and the group, Belize, don’t believe the hype. Keep up the good work Bill and I hope to meet you some day and shake your hand.

    • Hey Nick, Thank you for taking the time to look at my site and for your very kind words. As far as the hand shake goes, the pleasure would be all mine.

      I think many others share the same scenerio as we did. Pushing ourselves in high stress jobs to acquire all of the so called things that should make us happy. Belize has been a wonderful choice for us as well, the laid back lifestyle and a new found idea of living on what we need rather than what we want, has provided a lifestyle with a greater quality of life due to much less stress and more time to enjoy life and each other. I never really had time to notice sunsets back in Canada as I drove into them with the sunvisor down, usually on my way home from work. They sure are beautiful here aren’t they?

      Congratulations on your recent move to Belize, I hope like us you will find it to be everything that you hoped for. I look forward to us meeting in the near future.

  3. Hi Bill, I found my way to your great website from the Belize forum on expat.com. You situation sounds so similar to what ours is and what we’re hoping to do, we’re even about the same age. Sounds like we also share the same philosophy about ditching the whole “working to buy more things” scenario. Enough already! We’re ready to sell everything and take the plunge. Well, one of us is a little more reluctant than the other, but that’s why I’m doing all the legwork. As we get further along in the process, I hope to be able to pick your brain, if you don’t mind!

    • Hi Cara;
      Thank you for your kind words on my site. I am happy to hear that you are finding value in it.

      Belize has been a wonderful choice for us. Like you there was a initially a totally different opinion between my wife and I regarding leaving Canada for a developing nation. I realized in the beginning that she had to be on board and not just following me if we were going to be successful. Since our move I have realized that many people simply don’t adjust to the culture change and different way of life. Most leave together, but others get divorced and sadly go their separate ways. I think that the adventure is something that needs to be done as partners with a common goal and expectations. While the people are warm and friendly, especially in the beginning it will be the two of you against the world.

      Good luck with your research. Once you have your questions together, I would love to connect further to share our experiences to help answer any question that you both have.

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