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Every morning starts with a walk along this strip of the beach.

Morning walks on the beach

The beach starts another typical morning for us. We got up at 7:00 AM which is when the first flight left the Tropic Air Terminal and flew by our bedroom window as it does every morning. I make my “Bubba Cup” of coffee to go and after our showers, we take the golf cart to the beach for our walk. Now the beach is only a 10-15 minute walk for us, but with Phoebes’ short little legs, the heat some days, and the fact she not a young pup anymore, by the time she reaches the beach she is too tired to walk it. She gets up every morning and in her way lets us know that first thing, even before breakfast, we have to go for our walk on the beach.

The one exception

Tuesday morning is the only exception, that is when when we go to the docks where the Mennonite farmers arrive with fruits and vegetables for sale. If you don’t get there by 5:30 AM they will be sold out of many things and you will be disappointed. But once we get back it’s off to the beach for our walk.

The beach is our local social media.

We run into some of the same people everyday as well as meet new people. Monday it was a local guy we have seen many times on our travels, we would nod and wave to each other in passing, then on Monday we met him and talked a bit. We found he was a great guy who had lots of contacts and was very knowledgeable about a lot of things, from the in and outs of real estate here to good locally priced restaurants. We talked about why some businesses make it here and others fail.

The beach is our gringo gathering spot.

Yesterday we met Neil and Vera, a couple who live on the BC/Alberta border back in Canada (sorry guys forgot the name of your actual town), they bought a place here in Belize near Corozol that they come to each year for a few weeks and were here in San Pedro to visit for a few days. We talked to them for a good hour or so. We exchanged stories on how we ended up in Belize, our experiences to date which have all been good, their impressions of Corozol and our plans for the future. Unlike us they are not all in yet, they still live in Canada but want to retire here in the coming years when their families are grown and out on their own.
Today we met a lady from the New England area of the United States. She was here for a couple of weeks to vacation (visit).  During our conversations eventually people ask, “how long are you here for?” Once they hear we have moved here the questions start. I have found that there are several reasons people come to Belize, in some cases it is just for a vacation, some people are exploring future retirement destinations, some people wish to stretch their dwindling nest eggs or maybe crave the laid back lifestyle here. No matter what the reason their questions are usually similar to the ones that we had.

The beach is our school on Belize

We have learned from the local people and long term expats who are more than happy to answer our questions and share what they know, and, in the case of new expats and visitors, although we still learn new things on a regular basis, we enjoy passing on our experiences and the things that we have learned.For those reasons, as well as it is good exercise, except for the odd rain day our walk on the beach has become a daily ritual.

The beach is great. Right?

It’s natural to assume that a Caribbean country is lined with pristine sandy beaches. Unfortunately, Belize is not. Recently there has been a bombardment of the beaches throughout the Caribbean including Belize. Sargasso is unsightly and even a bit stinky if not taken care of right away. What is Sargasso and where does it come from? Check out this site on Sargasso.

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