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Bill Graham
Bullet Tree Village
Cayo District, Belize, CA

Mail to:
General Delivery,
San Ignacio, Cayo District,
Belize. CA

Public Contact Form
You may use the form below to contact me. The comments section also works well and allows others to benefit from the replies to the questions that you ask. If you wish your comments/questions to remain private then please use my private email listed directly below.

Private E-mail:

My preferred method to communicate is in a video chat
I would certainly welcome a live conversation with you. If you have a computer or device with a camera and a mic, I can email you a link to a private chat room, simply click the link and you would be brought right in. This method allows us to meet face-to-face (so to speak) and often saves the time it takes to email back and forth. Often answers to some questions lead to more questions and several questions could be dealt with in one session. If you like it can also be recorded (optional) for your future reference. If you are interested send me an email and we can set up a time that is convenient for you. My goal is to help folks to make an informed decision on a move to Belize, so whatever communication method works for you, reach out to me and I will do my best to accommodate.

I am committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. I want you to know how I use and protect the personal information that you give me. This policy (“Privacy Policy”) sets out how I use and protect any personal information that you give me when you use this Website. If you have any questions about this policy or do not agree with it, please contact me at Billdoesbelize@gmail,com.

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will answer your query as soon as possible.

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  1. Fantastic site! Thanks a lot Bill!!!

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