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Belize bugs often look like they are on steroids and maintain a regular workout regimen but will typically try to avoid you.

Belize bugs often look like they are on steroids and maintain a regular workout regimen, however they will typically try to avoid you.

Belize Bugs and Spiders.

Belize bugs and spiders are larger than we are used to seeing back in Canada, and often look like they are on steroids and maintaining a regular daily workout regimen.  But typically unless you corner them, or stick your hand in a hole where it doesn’t belong, most Belize bugs and other critters will try to avoid you. We are in the tropics however. so you can count on mosquitoes and no-see-ums. How bad they are will depend on your setting, if you are next to a lagoon or other places where water can pocket you will notice a substantial increase in these pests especially just before dark.

On Ambergris Caye and the other Islands.

On the island, (other than pesky mosquitoes and no-see-ums) bugs have not been an issue for us. We have seen a few large 2” long cock roaches, large spiders (pictured), and while there have been several other strange looking bug like creatures that we could not identify, they have never been in our home, although from time to time we have had harmless little geckos or salamanders that needed to be scooted out the door.

Scary looking maybe, but usaually not deadly

It should be noted at this time that while some of the larger bugs are pretty scary looking, they usually are not deadly, although a scorpion or spider bite can cause some serious pain and discomfort, or as I have been told the spider in this picture scrunches up and shoots barbs that will cause a pretty nasty rash.


On the island, the snakes are similar to Belize bugs and spiders in the sense that you know they are there, I know because on occasion I have seen dead ones that have tried to cross the road and didn’t make it. Now, maybe we don’t have any issues with critters because we don’t stray far off of the beaten path when walking, and we tend to keep to the more populated areas that Belize bugs and critters generally avoid.

The Jungle of Belize is a whole other world

Living in remote areas and the jungles of Belize is a whole other adventure. You will want to educate yourself on the dangers that surround you. Snakes like the deadly Fer de Lance viper recognized by its “yellow jaw” make Belize it’s home, and while rarely found indoors they are considered aggressive and if encountered by newbies should be avoided at all costs. Also, one of Belize bugs that you should know about and avoid is the Chinch known to spread Chagas Disease. There is a treatment, but it is important to recognize this bug as well as its bite and resulting rash. If undetected or left untreated it can remain dormant for many years (as many as 20) before causing serious organ problems and fatal illness. As a result the chinch boasts the tagline “one bug, one bite, one life”, and is probably the most dangerous of Belize bugs.

Problems with Belize bugs, spiders, and snakes are fairly rare outside of the jungle setting and should not deter you from exploring this beautiful country. Jungle life is quite safe too if you remember that common sense goes a long way here folks. If you are inexperienced with jungle life, hire an inexpensive local guide when you first explore. Your few dollars will be well invested to insure your safety as well as buy the valuable education you may otherwise only receive the hard way on your own.

Need more details on Caribbean Critters

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