Jan 272016
Golf Carts are the Cars of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Life in Belize ~ Golf Carts are the Cars of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Golf Carts are San Pedro’s Car of Choice.

Golf carts are the choice of those that are not among the many people in Belize that either walk or ride bicycles in San Pedro, Belize. There are cars here on the island but they are usually used by service companies and as delivery vehicles (there are some exceptions). Taxi cabs account for a large number of these vehicles and can sometimes only be recognized as cabs by their green license plates.

When a motorized vehicle is needed, many people drive scooters and motorcycles and although they are not used much (if at all) on the mainland, golf carts are the car of choice for most on the Cayes (islands) like Ambergris Caye where San Pedro is located, golf carts far outnumber the traditional vehicles that we are used to driving on a daily basis back in Canada and the US.

Select your color, shape, and style.

Golf carts come in many colors, shapes, and styles that range from the typical cart with a bench seat in the front and a second in the back facing the rear. Sometimes the rear seat is removed and replaced with a cargo box converting it to a pickup truck, some even with ladder racks on top. Some are longer with three bench seats facing forward and a fourth facing backward to provide the equivalent to a limousine.

Safety Features of a golf cart.

Safety features are few other than brakes, a horn (that usually doesn’t work), and of course headlights are required for night driving and must be turned after 6:00 PM. Although some do, most do not have signal lights so keep an eye out for the sometimes very discreet hand signals that are used. I have noticed that there is no real rules pertaining to right of way, it is more of a first come, first served attitude, and I wouldn’t count on that golf cart entering your lane from the side street to stop (or even slow down) at the stop sign, if a sign even exists.

Golf Carts are available to rent.

Golf carts are readily available from one of the many rental companies to tourists (visitors) that have a valid driver’s license and credit card, but be sure to pay attention to the basic road rules orientation that will inform you of  things like;

  • Which roads are one ways (not much signage to let you know).
  • That you cannot park at a curb that is painted red.
  • Always lock up your golf cart when not in use and never leave personal belongs behind on the cart when you walk away from it, even for just a minute.

My tip of the Day.

Many people overlook the obvious, after all it is just a golf cart ………….. right?

Well, as you would anywhere when renting a vehicle, save yourself some grief and money later by doing a walk around and have any damage on the cart documented, and finally check under the seat to be sure that the gas tank is full of gas and remember that it must be returned that way.

If you would like to get an idea of how many people drive golf carts I have included this short video that can be found on the video post page of this site or at this link on my YouTube channel