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Freedom, Is It In Canada Or Belize?

In Belize you will find that you have more freedom. There aren’t a lot of signs that tell you not to do things, you are responsible for yourself.

How is freedom defined?

Freedom is partially defined in the Merriam-Websters dictionary as; the quality or state of being free: as a :  the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.

The Oxford Dictionary defines freedom as; The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants:

Is Freedom in Canada and the USA?

Freedom in Canada and the US is defined by many as our right to freedom of speech. Our freedom of assembly as well as religion. Also freedom to choose a democratic government that encourages the pursuit of our dreams, while providing such inalienable rights as a stable economy, quality health care, protection from foreign incursion, and of course in some countries, the right to bare arms.

How Can Freedom Be Measured?

I believe freedom can be measured by the things we are permitted to do rather than the things we are not. In Canada  there are “NO” signs everywhere.

  • No fires on the beach.
  • No skateboarding in the park.
  • No walking dogs without a leash.
  • No loitering.
  • No smoking anywhere.
  • No texting while driving.

Of course the list goes on and on with an appropriate fine attached to each infraction. Another difference between Canada and Belize is illustrated in the picture of this dock. Look at the end of the dock pictured above. You will observe a 2 foot drop. If you miss your step (maybe while walking and texting) you will land on sharp rocks that will probably cause some injury. In Canada there would probably be someone laying in that hole, and there would be at least one lawyer slipping their business card into that persons back pocket. You could probably overhear the following conversation;

The Conversation.

The lawyer would say, “Are you alright?”

The person (victim) would reply,“I think so, but my arm is really sore.”

The lawyer would say as he passes him another business card,
“Your arm may be broken, you need to go and see this guy, he is a doctor, my doctor, he knows what he is doing.”

The guy then replies, “oh I don’t know, I think if I just go home and put some ice on it, I’ll probably be OK”

The lawyer would say, “You need to sue for damages and your pain and suffering. What if something happens down the road? What if you can’t work? You need to sue, you owe it to your family, don’t you?”

The guy replies “I can’t afford to sue anyone, and who would I sue anyway?”

The lawyer replies, “I will take your case and if I don’t win you won’t have to pay. We’ll sue everyone. The guy who built the dock for not posting a sign to warn you of the drop. We’ll sue the guy who poured the concrete walk and did not install a railing to protect you. Then we will sue the town because the dock is over public water. Of course the owners of the resort need to be sued for not filling in the hole in the first place.”

The guy says, “Yeah but it’s kind of my fault, I was texting on my phone as I walked off the end of the dock.”

The lawyer replies, “Doesn’t matter, even better, we will sue Motorola for making your phone and not putting a warning sticker on it. What were you doing on your phone? Were you on Facebook or googling something? We will want to sue them too.”

Anyway, I’m sure you can finish this conversation for yourself.

Is Freedom in Belize?

In Belize I believe you will find that you have more freedom. There aren’t a lot of signs that tell you not to do things for your own protection. You are responsible for yourself, and have the freedom to do stupid things. You are free to hurt yourself and learn from your mistakes. If you put someone else at risk they will be free to let you know and tell you to stop. If you continue they will also have the freedom to deal with you.

Common Sense

Common sense is a bit more “common” here. People tend to take responsibility for their own actions.  In Belize, if you buy a hot coffee and spill it on yourself while driving down the road, you can’t sue the coffee shop for your carelessness. If you walk off the end of the dock while texting on your phone you should not expect to sue anyone for your lack of attention.
Some will say this is a bit over simplified. You decide for yourself. Is there more freedom in Canada or in Belize?

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