Oct 142015
Due diligence will prevent your Belize dream home from becoming a nightmare.

Rent don’t Buy. Avoid your Belize dream home becoming a nightmare. The photo on the right courtesy of tacogirl.com

Belize Dream Home.

Looking for your Belize dream home? A picture is worth a 1000 words, that’s a mouth full and maybe why two pictures can sometimes take your breath away. The picture on the left is a picture of the street we lived on until we moved in August. I took that picture last December after a day with a few of my neighbors filling potholes and repairing the road. We loved the house on Brain Coral Street. Right on the lagoon with spectacular sunsets and water views. Our backyard was even mostly ponds fed from the lagoon that was home to all kinds of fish, a lobster, many different species of birds and even stingrays were regular visitors. We called it our “Belize dream home”, and sure it was a bit buggy (mosquitoes) from time to time, and sure sometimes the high tides would flood the lot across the street and even into our yard a little bit for a day or two every couple of months, but It was only a minor inconvenience compared to the many other benefits.

Go with the flow. “It is what it is”. Really?

The picture on the right is of the same road during the past few weeks. This water is not from rain, but rather exceptionally high tides. Now we realize that we are still learning about life in Belize and that we have to go with the flow, but when the flow becomes a daily flood, that can become a bit disheartening, especially if you are stuck on the deck of your Belize dream home because your yard is underwater. Wading in and out the road would have been a pain that would have started and ended every trip. I don’t know how long I could have said “it is what it is” before I would have snapped. Whatever that time would be for me, you can divide that by at least two for Lorilee.

Do you believe everything has a reason?

I know everything happens for a reason, and yes we were always looking for cheaper places to live in, but could this be the reason that we ran into our friend Joyce in late July. We mentioned we had seen a place for rent, but also that we were a little bit relieved that it was already rented because we really didn’t want to move from our dream house on the lagoon. Anyway she told us about a new building that was just being finished that she was moving into and that there was a vacancy with our name on it. Long story short we left our Belize dream home and live there now.

Belize Dream Home Becomes Nightmare.

This is the reason that all of the blogs and websites including this one tell you, “rent don’t buy for six months to a year”. I would now say definitely a year, this problem would have not have even come up until after nine months. Had that house been for sale, and had we been able to afford it, and had our need for a bit more space not changed, we might have bought that house. After six months we might have said, it’s our Belize dream home, what could go wrong”? And that may have been our first major disappointment in Belize.

Due Diligence is Your responsibility.

Do your due diligence, be patient, rent don’t buy. Please heed these warnings, It is very easy to purchase your Belize dream home, but if it becomes a nightmare, will selling be just as easy? Well, not so much.

Special thank you to tacogirl.com for the picture on the right and the courtesy of using it. Please follow her on Facebook for more information on daily life in Belize, and her Blog is another great source for “the unbelizeable truth”.