Jan 222015

Phoebe needed a place that would board pets as we took a trip back to CanadaWhere can You Board Pets in San Pedro?

Need to board pets? As I have mentioned in the past pets can travel in and out of Belize fairly easily as long as you know and follow the rules. As I have also mentioned in the recent past Lorilee and I need to return to Canada  sometime in April. That started the debate weather Phoebe would come back with us or stay with someone here for the week. There are a few factors to be considered when taking her back. First there is the cost of the flights, then it can’t be good for her to go from extreme heat to extreme cold and then back again so quickly, then there are the medical documents and requirements to be met going in both directions, all that plus the fact that she gets quite stressed while travelling and for several days after. All that been said we decided she should stay. At this point I should mention we lived in Canada all our lives, for over 50 years and after all that time there were only two people Lorilee would leave her little girl with, that was her sister and her mother. Where would we find a qualified person in Belize after just a couple of months?

Yesterday we set out to find that person or organization. There are only four animal organizations that we know of that might board pets, I’m sure there are more but these are the ones that we have heard of  and decided to check out.

Scooby Doo Grooming & pet shop does not board pets but does a great job with Phobe's grooming“Scooby Doo Grooming and Pet Shop” was our first stop. That is where Phoebe gets her hair and nails done. She even got her picture posted on their Facebook site on Nov.20,2014 (she’s the one with the blue tag on her collar). Selini Reyes is the owner and groomer and does a great job with Phoebe every 4-5 weeks. Unfortunately they do not board pets but were happy to recommend “Pampered Paws”.

SAGA does great work with local animals in need. They do not board pets but were able to recommend Pampered PawsThe SAGA Humane Society – Was our next visit, the equivalent to the SPCA and ASPCA in Canada and the US. They have a great reputation in San Pedro for all the good work they do with injured, abused, or stray animals. They also have a not for profit, full service clinic with a full time veterinarian on site and a pharmacy with the most often needed veterinary medicines. I was quite sure that they didn’t board pets but, I figured they would  be able to recommend someone, and they did. “Pampered Paws”.

Pampered Paws was one of two recommended organization to board pets.Next was, you probably guessed it, “Pampered Paws”. They  have a service to groom and board pets in downtown San Pedro. They also have a great reputation for attention and service to animals. We obtained their rates and were assured the dogs are walked several times a day (to do their business, as the guy put it). We quite often see the young fellow that walks the dogs taking a golf cart load to or from their walk on the beach so we were fairly sure it does get done.

The San Pedro Animal Hospital we didn’t think they would board pets but it was on the way home so we decided to stop there for what we expected would be one last glowing reference on Pampered Paws.  The San Pedro Animal Hospital is where Phoebes’ Veterinarian is located. Her Vet is from Canada and is there for a year at which time she will be replaced by another Vet from Canada or the US. They also mentioned Pampered Paws but also told us they also groom and board pets and offer the same boarding service complete with several walks a day. It can even be on the beach for a small extra charge.

San Pedro Animal Hospital also has facilities to board pets. They beat out Pampered Paws only because with Phoebe's medical issues it made sense to board her at her vet.The San Pedro Animal Hospital was the Winner in the end and the organization we decided to go with. Pampered Paws is certainly more than qualified to board pets and even a few dollars a day cheaper for their service, but with Phoebe being on medication for her allergies, and also because she suffers from anxiety when we leave her behind with strangers we thought what better place to be if an emergency came up then with her Veterinarian. We provided them with her leash, toys, a familiar blanket to lie on, and of course her food, treats and medication. The cost was BZ$35.00 per day for a total cost of BZ$280.00 or US$140.00 for the 8 days we were away.